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My ideas.

That's a true possibility but you'll notice she never goes out. Probably sun allergy or something. She always sends goons or Rosella on quest for objects but never move a finger to achieve her goal herself. Probably she's far too scared of breaking a nail... Or maybe she prefers keeping an eye on Edgar. She does not want to face the same problems Mannaman went through...

Moreover She fears Genesta's power that can be feeled thoughout the land.

And by the way, there's no real evidence her spell would be effective on giants of my size.  Else she would have visited my Hen.

It's more a "I respect your hunting territory" thing between well educated "neighbours". Even if we hate each others. Smile

And I don't like the tiny small road around the castle. I could collapse in the void or make the path fall down under my weight.

Anyway, back on topic i like all your suggestions so far.

(29-01-2013, 11:43 AM)Jack Stryker Wrote:  

(29-01-2013, 09:49 AM)The Ogre Wrote:  

Me? Scared by those little flying things? Are you serious? Certainly not! What a joke! I could crush them all simultaneously without effort. The only problem is I can't fly. They're just quicker than me to grab Rosella, that's it. I knew I should have brought a sling!

Well, sure, you could try to crush them.  But I'm pretty sure Lolotte- being a powerful sorceress and all- would sense what was going on and then show up herself to fry you; which she could do just by pointing at you.


Hmm... never thought about that. Well, I suppose you're right.  

And thank you.


Here is an idea. Get rid of the stupid treasure chest. Just let Rosella use the whistle from the seagull or whatever bird that is, use, to summon the dolphin. Don't add new things. Just keep it, the way this game was, back in the 80's. Updating the graphics and doing a mouse controlled character is great. But adding new things, is just plain stupid. Keep to the original.

I like the plus version. It's fun. AGDI'S KQ2 and KQ3 were plus versions and they were great remakes. It feels like playing a whole new king's quest game in a way.

If you don't like it. Don't play it. Simple as that. This had been a plus version from the beginning. Telling them to make it the original they'd basically probably have to start over. And I would like the KQ4+ game.

My suggestion:

Even in the original you couldn't get away from the shark. It was instant death unless you were lucky enough to leave the screen. Maybe you could add something to the game that you could distract the shark with so you could get past him. Like a fish or shark repellent. And if you weren't fast enough he'd still get you. But that way you could still have the shark death but you could have a way to stop him when he's on the screen. Cause sometimes when he's on the screen you can't even leave the screen before the shark gets you.

The shark is set to appear a little away from Rosella so you should always be able to escape if you're quick. Are you sure it's impossible sometimes (that would need tweaking if it's true)? But the way the shark chase is done in the demo wouldn't work so well in the sea around Tamir I think, because Genesta's island is in the way. So the suggestion to distract the shark with something could work there I think.


In the original KQ4,I had no trouble escaping the shark.I would swim to Genesta's island,or keep moving screen to screen until he disappeared.But,I admit at some times he caught me.