Our heart was taken


Today I am the bearer of very sad news.

Our most beloved graphic designer had some health problems which took her to the hospital, and after several days she was taken from us permanently.

Actually, to call Karen only “our graphic designer” is to really belittle her part in our project.

Karen was the heart of this project, she began the project and all of the team just joined her.

Karen began by joining Magic Mirror Games which is the company which wanted to create “The perils of Rosella” in 2d graphics, after creating most of the 2d graphics for the Magic Mirror company she left them to continue the game without her (Unfortunately, they have stopped developing the game several months ago).

Karen’s love for “The Perils of Rosella” didn’t stop there though, so she continued on her own, this time by developing 3d graphics for the game – just to see how the game will look in 3d.


I saw her graphics and was amazed by the beauty of her graphics – I knew that to leave those graphics in forum posts without giving them a chance to bloom as a full blown game will be really unjust.


So we created our team, while our heart and dreamer was Karen.


She was everywhere, working many hours a day, creating backgrounds, walkovers, sprites, site graphics – for every need – Karen was there.

This is her project, she started it, was the heart of it and pushed it forward, but above all this was her dream and she literally gave her life essence to it.


While talking to her she thought about the name of our team UnicornTales – She was everywhere, she still is everywhere, her essence is all over our game and site.


But more than just the game heart, Karen was a very dear friend of mine and of other team members, I talked to her regularly, we shared a special bond created by a joined vision, and shared creation of this game.

Karen was a gentle person, she knew what she wanted and guided the project with a gentle touch, I cared a lot for her, and her passing is a very big loss to the community, to the team and to me (and other team members) personally.


Some of Karen’s work:
Lots of graphics at Magic Mirror Games Studio for the 2d remake of King’s Quest 4

All of our main 3d graphics which a part of them can be found at our Image galleries

Actually she created 3d graphics for several King’s quest games – I put some of it in our galleries too:
King’s Quest V

King’s Quest III

Misc King’s Quest Graphics


She helped with creating King’s Quest IX – the Silver Lining by Phoenix online Studios, and her print is visible there too.

Karen also helped create the graphics for The Heroine Quest by Crystal Shard


Karen, your absence makes my heart yonder.


Avi & Team


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  1. I just logged on and read this heartbreaking post today…I cannot express how sorry I am that a woman of such kindness and talent should be taken from us so soon…my sincerest condolences and sympathies to her family…<3

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