King’s Quest IV Remakes

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In a previous post I wrote about the King Quests Remakes which were released by different parties.

In this post i want to write about the remakes to the fourth game: The perils of Rosella.


King’s Quests 1 and 2 were remade by AGDI, King’s Quest 3 was remade twice!

by infamous adventures and by AGDI.


King’s Quest IV is being remade by three different parties!

First of all – by us – Unicorn Tales, we are remaking the game in 3D graphics, the development is steady and we are going to release a fully playable demo “mini” game which will include a real scenario from the game with all of its elements like video parts, music, soundfx, inventory, puzzles and even an easter egg or two.

The second party creating kq4 is Magic Mirror Games which were actually the first party to attempt the remake.

Although their forums aren’t so responsive, and no new news appear in their site, they claim to not abandon the project, but to keep a consistent development although a slow one, they claim to remake kq4 in two flavors, the first remake will be true to the original while their next release will be king’s quest IV Plus which will add more to the game.

The third party is Nightfable and Westend studios which wrote on their site that they want to create an extended version to King’s Quest IV containing new locations and more.


I personally follow all of the projects and will love to play them all, so I wish our “competitors” – good luck.


I can’t say anything yet about the other games, but as I have seen the graphics and the gameplay of our version i can testify that the wait will be well justified, our 3D graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is really enhanced, we intent to remove all dead ends and make the game more enjoyable.


Stay tuned and you will be well rewarded.

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5 thoughts on “King’s Quest IV Remakes

  1. Hey Clive, that’s actually quite a good question.

    And there is more than one reason for it.

    The main reason is that the three groups see this remake in very different eyes, where the main debating points are the following ones:
    1. Should the remake be a 1:1 copy of the original with just better graphics and a mouse control or should the remake add new puzzles, change slightly the gameplay etc.
    2. Should the remake contain 2d graphics or 3d graphics.

    The above 2 points aren’t minor at all and they are a good cause for different remakes.

    But I encourage every other remake to succeed, and will definitely play every remake which will create this game!

  2. This was the first point and click i played,a
    long time ago.
    It’s great to hear you’re remaking a version
    for game fans.
    One thing i would say is ,don’t let certain
    people put you off.
    Some of the loudest ,gobbiest voices have found a home on the internet,and can spew negativity for no sensible reason.
    Keep up the great work.thanks.

  3. Can i add something juvenlie to the procedings?
    Hover your mouse icon thingy over the i in The Perils of Rosella Remake.
    I know,it’s prob. been mentioned before(more than a few times!)

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